Saturday, March 3, 2012

So we meet again

A few years ago I did my first Century with the Tour De Cure.  The best part of the route in my opinion was going through Elfin Forest.  I hadn't been back since, and I've been itchin' to do so. 

It's part of the route for our upandcomming ride (, so I figured it was high time to do so.  I planned out a nice 35 mile loop, starting at the Mira Costa college. 

My daughter really liked riding through Elfin Forest as well.  If we had the time, we would have pulled over and checked it out more.  The ride past Lake Hodges on the Del Dios Highway is always nice.

Our average speed was lower than previous times, but we didn't feel nearly as sore or as tired as before.  I think we're finally starting to get the hang of properly climbing hills on the tandem. 

With the nicer weather, we saw a lot of cyclists out today.  This route is particularly popular with many cyclists and teams.  

To keep the water bottles from coming loose and having to stop to retrieve them from the road, we've tightened down the cages which make pulling the bottles while still riding a bit difficult for my daughter.  After getting mildly dehydrated with the last ride, I decided to have her carry the CamelBak.  Great decision and it helped her out quite a bit.  The problem is that we had to stop several times for bathroom breaks.  I'd rather take the extra time than have her not drinking enough water. 

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  1. Have you considered diapers to get rid of the bathroom breaks???;)